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Brandi's profit first success story

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Brandi came to us in November of 2020 for accounting and tax services for her retail business. Brandi was experiencing rapid growth and was having trouble calculating the amount she should spend every month on inventory. 

Her rapid growth came with some confusion. Brandi’s sales were growing, and she had a decent profit margin but couldn’t understand where her cash was going. She also wanted to open a new location but wasn't sure if she could afford it. 

Our Leaf Book CFO Services team worked with Brandi to run a profit assessment so we could see where her business was as compared with other businesses like hers. We discovered that 80% of her revenue was going towards operating expenses! 

Brandi couldn’t believe it. And neither do most people after seeing their profit assessment results. It can be a hard pill to swallow when you realize how much you’re actually spending. 

We created a customized plan for Brandi to follow based on Profit First methodologies. This plan helped her navigate the changes necessary to increase her profit margin and curb expenses to get them in line with where they should have been all along. Also important, we were able to identify a percentage of revenue that she could use to purchase new inventory without having to second guess if the amount was correct or not. 

After implementing Profit First, Brandi was able to increase her bottom line by nearly 750% and a little over a year after implementing her Profit Plan she has her second location! 

Brandi will be the first one to tell you that it was tough work and that the hardest part was having to make some changes to her spending habits. But she was committed to the plan we had for her. After a few months, she was on track and started to see significant growth in her bottom line. 

The Profit Plan was meant to be rolled out over the course of 8 quarters, but Brandi was committed and ran with it resulting in a nearly 750% increase to her bottom line over the course of a year. 

She was amazed at how much easier it made everything. She always knew where each dollar that came into her business went! The plan gave her clarity and understanding around her numbers. 

When Brandi wanted to open a second location, we were able to help her form a strategic plan and develop a creative solution to financing that allowed her to open that location. She had to take a small loan for the build out of her space but with a plan in place, Brandi was able to pay off the loan in 10 months! 

Brandi contributes the step-by-step instructions and regular check-ins to keep her accountable as being the number one factor of her success. Profit First made it possible for her to open a new location and has given her the clarity and confidence to make sound decisions when it comes to spending money in her business. 

The Leaf Book CFO team is extremely proud of Brandi and are thrilled to watch her success! If you're experiencing rapid growth and not sure how to navigate it, or if you want to increase your bottom line, contact us today for a consultation! We'll help you get on the path to Profit First.